Friday, February 6, 2009

New ADrive Desktop Makes Backup Easy

ADrive Desktop officially launched! ADrive Desktop is a desktop application that is compatible with all major operating systems. ADrive Desktop allows a customer to upload, download, and schedule jobs to backup files/folders from their computer to their ADrive account. This feature gives users access to their ADrive account directly from their desktop. ADrive Desktop is available to our Signature and Premium customers and ADrive is offering a FREE 14-Day trial to Basic account holders and new users.

Please note that the ADrive Backup Client will no longer be supported in favor of ADrive Desktop. We thank our basic account holders and beta users for testing the ADrive Backup Client and invite them to try ADrive Desktop and our Signature and Premium services today.

-Adrive Team

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Changes in Service to Basic Accounts

ADrive wants to inform its Basic account holders of service changes that relate to free services. These changes will improve speed and service for our Signature, Premium and Enterprise level customers and free Basic users alike. The following changes have been implemented or will be implemented on the dates listed below:

Concurrent Downloads Limited - The purpose of reducing the amount of concurrent downloads to Basic user's public files is to attempt to reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by free public file sharing. Basic users can still share files, but only 5 downloads of a single file can be done at the same time. This is currently in place, as of our last release.

1 TB File Sharing Limit - After serving several exabytes of public file data over the lifetime of our service, we have decided that the cost for hosting files at its current level of service is not scalable to the costs associated with it. Instead of shutting off the public file service for Basic users completely, we have decided to attempt to reduce the amount of traffic by imposing a 1 TB File Sharing Bandwidth Limit. This will effect very few users by our calculations. This change will take place on February 28, 2009.

Public File Expiration – Public files shared by our free users will expire 14 days after they were originally shared. You will be able to re-share these files, although the links will change. Once again, we are trying to improve service for our customers and Basic users alike. This will be put into effect on February 28, 2009.

Please send any feedback regarding these changes to

We thank you for using ADrive and invite you to try a FREE 14-Day Trial of our Signature and Premium services. None of these changes effect Signature, Premium, or Enterprise level customers.

-ADrive team